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What Wear To Wear To Train At The Gym?

What Wear To Wear

Strength training, cardio, running group, depending on the type of workout you perform in the gym it is important to find a suitable outfit to allow you to be comfortable during your workout.

Choosing an appropriate fitness outfit

In this example we will consider that you are going to train either the upper or lower body and therefore I will suggest a suitable outfit in both cases.

As you can see in the pictures that illustrate my article, during a training shoulders and triceps, I favor a T-shirt, shorts and running shoes to warm me 5 to 15 minutes before training .

Here is what I am about the photos:

  • Long sleeve t-shirt NIKE SPORTSWEAR
  • Running boots NIKE FREE RN COMMUTER 2017

Be comfortable to train

The goal is to be completely free of my movements without having to wear a tank top, even if I wear it when I work my biceps.

The goal of wearing a shorts and just less sweat especially when I do not work the legs there is no point in wearing something long or short or compression pants.

Before each workout I perform five to 10 minutes of cardio either on the mat or a bike and for this it is recommended to wear running shoes, important for your stability and especially your comfort.

For underwear, if you are wondering if you should wear a pair of underpants or panties , consider testing a compression undergarment.