Monday, July 23, 2018
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What to wear For An Evening With Friends

What to wear For An Evening

Even if we guys take less time to choose a outfit, it is still important to take the time to choose what to wear to give good impression and especially feel good at a party with friends.

For your first nights of the school year and therefore of the end of summer, here is an outfit that I selected at the brand Esprit from top to bottom.

A chic and casual chic

The white for a high is the color passes everywhere that will make you the swanky guy of the evening. For this outfit, I selected two pieces of the brand Esprit so the polo above. Once worn, you can roll up the sides to give a chic but also cool side to your outfit.

The white is good but be careful not to take a glass of wine on the polo, the cleaning will be very complicated. I recently had to pay for it with a white sweater and I had to wash it 35 times so that the wine tasks disappear.

Find this Polo on the Esprit website .

A low to make you feel comfortable and still in summer

The denim bermudas no longer have a reputation to make, except at the level of the cut of it. Nowadays we wear them less wide, with less artifice: tears, holes, coloring … the sober and skinny cut is my recommendation for the cut of your Bermudas.

For color, you can of course opt for a pair of black denim bermudas, but we will avoid white here. Wearing a white polo shirt and white bermudas will give you a tennis player look.

Find this Bermudas on the Esprit website .

The shoes

Depending on your personality, you can wear city shoes such as the Equal For All brand or vintage socks. In both cases, I advise you to wear invisible socks to not sweat in your shoes .

The accessories

The belt will be de rigueur to give a little touch of color to your outfit. Here with a white polo shirt and Bermudas in blue denim, dare the fluo! A yellow, pink or fluorescent green for the belt will give a touch of fun to your outfit, you can find on the Paul Smith website .

To finish, the most beautiful jewel of the man remains the watch. A great series of new brands has been created in recent years to offer watches with incredibly sober designs to men who wish to remain simple.

A top, a bottom, a nice belt, a watch, a pair of shoes to the cool and you are ready for your evenings of the re-entry! There is only hope that it will be nice and warm a little more.