Monday, July 23, 2018
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Skins: Short Compression Sticky

Short compression sticky

Beyond the fashion phenomenon of shorts and other compression stockings, this type of sportswear has been optimized to maximize recovery after intensive training.

The sticky compression, what is it used for?

Based on SKINS technology, the sticker is made to adapt to your morphology and thus optimize the level of pressure.

The pressure level adjusted, your training will under no circumstances be impacted, your performance depends on your mind, your motivation and above all your constancy.

In contrast, the compression that will perform the short on the upper muscle of your thighs will play a role in muscle recovery, decreasing the level of lactate in the blood, magic no?

For maximum effect, keep your shorts during your recovery time (on the mat, during your stretch) as it begins to play a role on your muscles as soon as the training ends.

The upper layer of short

Designed for ultra-fast drying, no more fear if you are a fierce racer.

On the carpet, in a park or in full “legs day” intense, no need to worry about wet shorts, it’s ancient history, or almost.

In addition, the shorts have a UV protection 50+, you would not take more sunburn without your knowledge!