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How to Choose Your Glasses For Men?

Glasses For Men?

Everyone has their own definition of style but most importantly for you is to find a pair of glasses in accordance with your personality and adapted to the shape of your face. Here are my tips to determine which glasses to choose .

Choose your glasses according to the shape of your face

In the first place, it is essential to dwell on the frames of spectacles that go with your face .

If you have high cheekbones or a pronounced jaw, you can attenuate these traits with round glasses. On the contrary, if you have a rather round face, square or rectangular glasses will rebalance the shape of your face.

Choose your glasses according to the shape of your face

Round face

If you have a round face, instead wear square or rectangular frames to counterbalance.

NO: Round, eye-cat
YES: Rectangle, square

Square face

Soften a square face by bringing curves.

NO: Rectangle, square
YES: Round, oval, aviator

Triangular face

Divert the attention of your forehead with oversize frames.

NO: small mounts
YES: Large glasses, aviator

Face oval

The easiest face shape you can wear any style of glasses.

NO: Nothing
YES: All forms

Choose your glasses according to your style

Glasses for hipster

You spend your time in cafes, exhibitions, second-hand clothes, local breweries, and concerts of unknown groups? Confess it, you have a hipster side! To complement your cleverly neglected look, we recommend you round eyeglasses for a vintage touch or square for an original effect.


You are a head and would rather potash your courses than think about your outfit. You are rather relaxed and look for comfort before anything but do not want glasses labeling you library rat forever. My advice: avoid rectangular half-rimmed glasses, too basic, and opt for a more trendypair , square or round.


You are daredevil, adventurer and like to monopolize the front of the stage. Show off your wild side with glasses that do not go unnoticed, just like you. Try original round shapes or aviatorshapes

Businessman glasses

You are a busy man with people to see, deals to spend, places to show you. You are planning, smart and organized and there you need a pair of glasses to come complete and boost your pro look. Opt for a pair of foldable glasses, like this Persol model , convenient to carry.

Metrosexual glasses – boyfriend

You want to impress your lovely girlfriend with a stylish look – without actually stealing a bank.Ray-Ban represents a safe choice but Persol is as good if you want to make a good impression.Whichever brand you choose, we recommend square or pilot shapes, the most trendy at the moment.

Super Dad Sunglasses

If you are looking for a comfortable pair of glasses, to see better and you can keep many years, do not bother. The rectangular and half-rimmed glasses are practical, comfortable and suitable for many different activities.

Sports glasses

You are the type to juggle all your sports activities? You need glasses adapted to your lifestyle. A good hold is essential as well as resistant lenses and frames. We recommend eyeglasses of wraparound shape, rectangular or half-rimmed glasses.