Monday, July 23, 2018
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Boucheron Collection: 6 New Haunting Fragrances

Boucheron Collection:

Famous jewelry house, Boucheron is now also known for its collection of perfumes which nourishes the memory of the stone hunters who have woven the soul of the House through their journeys, mixing their memories of lights, landscapes, meetings and scents gleaned throughout the world.

Explorers travel the 5 continents, crossing seas and deserts in order to give you the best scents and to marvel us as each time.

Presented in refined boxes, these six new fragrances (5 for women, Oud being mixed) invite you to the voyage to the discovery of exotic resonances:

Iris of Syracuse – Neroli of Ispahan – Tuberose of Madrase – Vanilla of Zanzibar – Amber of Alexandria and Oud of Carthage, on which I will linger a little because it is simply my favorite.

Oud of Carthage, an exotic perfume

This oriental mixed fragrance takes you to the heart of the narrow streets of Carthage. A honey note associated with the sensuality of the leather gives it a share of mystery ….

The power of incense and Tonka bean reveal the mystical side of this eau de parfum. As for the precious side and a bit animal, they are undoubtedly due to the wood of oud.